New Private Pilot – Hunter Becker

At 18 years old, Hunter Becker has achieved a major accomplishment in his life by becoming a certified Private Pilot. Working with CFIs Matt Berlo and Andrea Read, Hunter recently passed his check ride in N12290. Congratulations, Hunter!

Solo Flights – March

There was a lot of activity at the school this March with three students soloing for the first time. Flying a plane on your own is a huge milestone in your pilot training. It takes a lot hard work and preparation to get to this point. Congratulations to these students for their achievement! John Wilson(…)


Fly-ins are a social get together where aviation enthusiasts fly into a particular airport at a designated date and time.

The $100 Burger

Have you ever heard of a $100 burger? The term is aviation slang for a recreational flight that consists of going to a nearby airport to eat, then flying back home.