People learn to fly for many reasons. For some, it’s for the challenge of learning a new skill. For others, it’s a stepping stone in a career. Others are looking for a hobby that will let them fly out to breakfast on the weekend or go on once-in-a-lifetime vacations where they are in control of the time schedule. With a Private Pilot’s License, you can schedule out of town meetings and still be home in time for dinner. The world becomes a smaller place when so many top destinations are just a short flight away.

As airport security continues to increase and wait times for flights gets longer, the appeal of being in control of your own plane gets greater. Learn to fly and bypass those lines! There’s no better way to travel than to be behind the controls of a plane.

At Spitfire Aviation, we understand that you have a busy and demanding schedule. That’s why we tailor our lessons to fit your needs. We will pair you with an instructor that will help you reach each milestone in the process, including your solo flight, when you fly on your own for the first time. He or she will make sure that you are fully trained and ready with lessons in emergency procedures, navigation, the fundamentals of flight and more, all with the goal of preparing you for your Checkride, the final exam that you need to pass in order to receive your license.

No matter what your reasons are for learning to fly, we look forward to helping you open the door to your new flying adventure.


Spitfire Aviation offers the following instructor lead one-on-one courses:


At Spitfire Aviation, we have a true passion for flying and we want to share it with you! Whether you are learning to fly for personal or professional reasons, we are here to help you earn your wings. Having a Private Pilot’s Certificate will give you the freedom and ability to fly out for breakfast on weekends, or have your vacations start as soon as you get to the airport, rather than at your destination.

We offer four different levels of certification, so you can take your training as far as you want to go. Whether you are interested in becoming a recreational pilot or are working towards becoming a professional pilot for a major airline, our staff offer you one-on-one support and a customized training schedule, specifically tailored to fit your needs.