commercialUpon completion of both your Private Pilot’s Certificate and your Instrument Rating, you are qualified to train for a Commercial Pilot Certificate. As a commercial pilot, you are able to fly for hire, so this certificate is a must if your aspirations are to be a professional pilot. This certificate can be achieved in as little as seven days; however, most people take one to three months to complete the course.

At Spitfire Aviation, we use the Jeppesen Commercial Pilot’s Manual for our commercial training program.

During your training, we focus on learning how complex aircraft systems work, as well as practice flying these complex aircraft. The course requires that you master new maneuvers such as Chandelles, Lazy Eights, and Eights on Pylons.

At the completion of this course you will be able to work as a professional pilot.

Below are the FAA training requirements for this certificate:

FAA Training Requirements **

  • Private Pilot’s License with an Instrument Rating
  • 250 hours total time in an aircraft
  • 10 hours time in a complex airplane
  • 10 hours of night time in an airplane
  • 2nd class Medical certificate
  • Pass an FAA Flight test including a written, oral, and practical exam

** Please refer the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) for a more detailed outline of training requirements