privatepilot2A Private Pilot Certificate is the first level of training that you will work on. At Spitfire Aviation, we use the world renowned Jeppesen Private Pilot Course materials and conduct our inflight training in Cessna airplanes. With full-time study, the private pilot course can be completed in as little as three weeks, although, there is no time limit, so instruction can be spread out over many years. While everyone works at their own pace to complete their training, the average time to receive a license is three to six months.

A typical lesson runs for two hours and consists of ground school and inflight training time. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) minimum training requirements are integrated into our curriculum. Our goal is to provide you with superior, safe, and consistent training so you can become the best pilot possible.

Below are the FAA minimum training requirements for this certificate:

FAA Training Requirements

  • 40 hours in an airplane to include solo and instruction time as listed below
  • Pass an FAA Flight Test consisting of written, oral and practical exams
  • 3rd Class Medical certificate

Training with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor

  • 3 hours of simulated or actual instrument time
  • 3 hours of day instruction to include a cross country in an airplane
  • 3 hours of night instruction to include a cross country in an airplane

Solo time

  • 10 hours of solo time to include 5 hours of solo cross country time