Fly-ins are a social get together where aviation enthusiasts fly into a particular airport at a designated date and time. Fly-ins can be organized around a shared interest, such as taildraggers, or experimental planes, or a particular model of plane, such as Piper Cub owners. Some fly-ins are just for fun.
They can be put together by an flying organization, a flight school, or a group of friends.
Attendees can meet to eat at a restaurant, visit a local site like an aviation museum, or for a 
barbecue and socializing.
Some fly-ins last for several days. They can include thousands of participants, with demonstrations, vendors and trainings. Many longer fly-ins have camping spots available at the airport.
Watch for Spitfire Aviation fly-ins later this year. It’s a great way to meet other aviators, get some in-air hours, and have a great time!